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Creating sustainable and technical infrastructure - prevention in the construction industry


In 2016, the KIT Innovation Hub “Prevention in Construction” was launched under the scientific leadership of Prof. Andreas Gerdes. The long-term goal of the platform is to create disruptive innovations for a sustainable technical infrastructure. This is done in close cooperation with a large number of industry experts and partners: builders and planners, authorities, construction companies, but also scientists from various research institutions. The focus of the work is the construction and maintenance of technical infrastructure, particularly in the four areas of energy, water, transport and municipal infrastructure.

All participants are working together on a structured innovation process along the life cycle of construction: from raw materials and products to planning and construction, to use and maintenance and eventually recycling. In all of these phases, new technologies, products and services are intended to help extend the lifespan of buildings and improve their profitability in the long term. The KIT Innovation Hub follows a special approach based on the principle of “Foresight Innovation Communities” for the target-oriented development of such innovations. This means that innovation impulses are derived based on future trends or so-called megatrends, such as climate change, resource scarcity or megacities. The specialized working groups, called Fincom Working Groups, go into the depth of the topics and market requirements. These groups work closely with scientists and industry experts to develop applicable and marketable solutions. Te partners' industry knowledge, combined with basic and applied research, thus promotes the development of innovative technologies in line with demand.

Once established, the hub will also function as a platform for knowledge transfer - knowledge transfer and continuing education as a service for decision-makers and employees in the construction industry.


A Helmholtz Association selection process has selected the KIT Innovation Hub "Prevention in Construction" for implementation together with six other so-called Helmholtz Innovation Labs (HIL). The Helmholtz Association thus further strengthens the interface between industrial and non-university research. The mutual exchange should further promote the transfer of research results into application. Over the next five years, the Helmholtz Association will provide around 12 million euros to set up and establish the Innovation Labs. 



KIT Innovation Hub –
a Helmholtz Innovation Lab


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