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Research Projects on Biomass at KIT

Fuel from Microalgae

A consortium of several institutes from KIT is dedicated to the energetic use of microalgae for sustainable production of valuable materials, such as the production of biodiesel. The aim is to identify the most efficient and advantageous algae-based process chains and suitable sites for algae cultivation. Microalgae can convert up to 5% of sunlight into chemical energy and are characterized by high yields per unit area and rapid growth.

Synthesis gas and fuel from dry biomass

In 2013, the bioliq® pilot plant was opened at KIT's North Campus. Here, a process is being developed to convert dry lignocellulosic biomass into tar- and soot-free synthesis gas. It forms the basis for obtaining high-quality, engine-compatible designer fuels for diesel and gasoline engines, as well as basic chemical materials such as bioplastics. Production amounts to over 1,000 m³ of synthesis gas per hour.



Hydrogen from wet biomass

The VERENA pilot plant is driving forward a process in which hydrogen is produced by hydrothermal gasification of moist biomass. VERENA is the world's first fully equipped, continuously operated plant for biomass gasification in supercritical water, i.e. water with a temperature of at least 374.12° C and a pressure of at least 221.2 bar. Hydrogen can be used as an energy carrier, for example for electric cars.

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