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Threat of Deepfakes: How KIT Remedies the Situation

KIT researchers deal with the dangers of deepfakes and search for efficient solutions.

On the face of it, deepfakes are a fascinating technology: people can be placed in new contexts with the help of artificial intelligence. As impressive as the technology may be at first glance, it is increasingly becoming a problem for privacy, but also for democracy. Fake audio documents, for example, could be used to influence legal processes. Manipulation through propaganda material and identity theft are just some of the negative consequences. KIT researchers have joined forces with partners from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Germany on behalf of the European Parliament to study potential dangers of deepfake technology. Based on this European study for the "Scientific Technology Options Assessment" committee, a further project is looking for a solution to bring together findings and approaches from different disciplines. In particular, the perspective of users will be examined in detail. Until then, the researchers appeal for critical questioning of the credibility of media content at all times.


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Image: Rrose Selavy / stock.adobe.com

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