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The spin-off MARA Solutions has launched a new tool: The AI Review Reply Assistant automatically writes personal replies to reviews.

Beispielantwort des AI Review Reply Assistant von MARA Solutions

Responding to reviews on countless portals in the service as well as product sector are indispensable for the standing of companies and hotels, because they strengthen the loyalty of guests and influence the purchase or booking decision of potential customers. However, writing personal responses to these reviews not only takes a lot of creativity, but above all time. Resources that have become scarce in many hotels due to staff shortages. Not infrequently, hoteliers painstakingly try to find a balance between time expenditure and service quality.

The spin-off MARA Solutions brings long-awaited support: with its "AI Review Reply Assistant", the founding team makes it possible to create personal replies in no time at all and with little effort. With the help of artificial intelligence, the software writes individual responses to each review in just a few seconds. The answers address the different points of the feedback and thus differ from generic templates. "With the software, we can offer hoteliers an enormous reduction in workload. The review assistant is not intended to replace humans, but to save a lot of time in answering reviews by generating individual answer suggestions - time that can be used for personal customer contact," says Tobias Roelen-Blasberg, co-founder of MARA. Instead of having to write a new answer for each review over and over again, the software's suggestion can either be sent directly, or finalised with just a few editing steps. An enormous relief for the everyday work in the hotel industry.

The implementation of the software is kept simple: It requires neither a separate set-up nor an integration and can be used in almost all European and many Asian languages. This makes it interesting for small individual hotels as well as for large hotel chains. With the AI Review Reply Assistant, the start-up founded in 2020 has expanded its portfolio from pure review analytics to review management. The first customers to use the template are, for example, the Halbersbacher Hotel Group or the 7Pines Resort Ibiza.

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