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Sponsoring offers for Innovation Day 2024

Your sponsoring options for Innovation Day 2024

After two years of hybrid events due to the pandemic, the Innovation Day on June 12th, 2024, will deliberately return to a pure presence event on the KIT premises in order to focus more on the networking aspect again. We are looking forward to a restructured, diverse program with top-class contents: Short impulses on research projects, cooperation projects, start-ups, intrapreneurship, or student projects from the multifaceted research areas of KIT will be complemented by a founder pitch including award ceremony, the honoring of the prize winners of the NEULAND Innovation Contest, and a keynote in the evening. Afterwards, we would like to enable an extensive exchange among each other with drinks, snacks, and music and let the evening come to an end together.

Become part of NEULAND as an official corporate partner and take advantage of the unique opportunity to network with students and academic employees. We present attractive participation packages in our sponsoring brochure and on our sponsoring website.

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